Monday, February 22, 2016

Home Again......

....after spending a glorious few day in Moab.  It was my first time attending this relaxed retreat.  In fact it is just their second year having it.  They hope to grow this event as they have wonderful plans for moving out to a beautiful hotel a few miles out of Moab.  I see no reason why this shouldn't happen as it an absolute marvelous place to go this time of year.  I have a plan for all of those looking for something spectacular to do this time of year.  Take a half day with some lovely quilters and then pack a lunch and head out on an adventure.  As for me, I taught all day Thursday and Friday and then a half day on Saturday and then headed out with Abbie and Chad so they could introduce me to some of the sights they had enjoyed.  We headed for home Sunday afternoon, so I had two half days hiking and exploring........absolutely fabulous!  Oh yes, there are some great places to eat there too....that is when we weren't being well fed at the retreat.  So start planning for next February.  Pack up your hubby, friend or family and enjoy a spectacular place on this planet.  We met a lady from Montreal on one of our hikes and she said this is the place she chooses to come about this time every year.
Now, I promised pictures so I will spend the next couple of days sharing with you.  I leave again Wednesday morning so I'll try to pack in as much as I can before I go.

We took a mile and a half hike along the rim of Dead Horse Point.  The picture can't begin to show the depth and the vastness of this canyon.  It would easily compare to the Grand Canyon.  A well kept secret.

Enjoyed examining this Yucca plant.....notice all of the little wispy tendrils coming out from the spikes.

Another magnificent view.

Oh, how we enjoyed the big beautiful blue sky and the clean, fresh air.

Abbie, enjoying the serenity that one feels in this majestic place......time for contemplation and renewal.

This grouping is called Park Avenue.

There are numerous easy and gentle hikes that accommodate just about any one....and then there are many intermediate hikes as well.

Chad, enjoying the solitude and contemplating life.

This rock formation is called the Three Gossips.

This was on the wall of the fabulous bakery where we had breakfast on Sunday morning.  I contemplated this off and on during our trip home.
More tomorrow. :-)


  1. I grew up in Arizona and have hiked the Grand Canyon I can truly appreciate the beauty of your visit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing them :-)

  3. Next February, eh? My girlfriends & I just might have to consider this! Keep us posted as details unfold, please.