Thursday, March 10, 2016

Another day of kit making....

....followed by an inspiring eve. with quilting friends.
This will be the new Bits and Bobs project for April.  I decided to hand quilt this.  I had forgotten just how much I love to hand quilt.  It is so soothing for me.
Leslie shared this quilt she is making for her grandsons upcoming graduation.

This is the Log Cabin she completely finished in one months time.  It is completely hand quilted too!  I really love Log Cabin quilts.

Valerie who has sewn for Fig Tree Quilts over the years, used all of her leftovers from those projects to make this beautiful quilt.  It holds many memories for her.

She also finished this top.....a charming primitive design by Cherie Payne.

I received all of these fabric cards from Diamond Textiles today.  I love them all!  I would be thrilled to see them line the shelves in my cutting room.

Linda Donzello attended the class which I taught at The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.  She was so kind as to share a picture of her finished top.  Thank you Linda. :-)
I will share the quote which Pamela Mowers shared with me today in an email.  "As long as you learn at least one new thing each day, it has been a day well spent."
So I stopped to think of one new thing I learned today.....I learned that a store by my house has the very best lemon cookie that I've ever eaten! :-)  That is probably not what Pamela was referring to, but I am oh so pleased that I discovered this.
I have a bit more to share tomorrow from our quilt group.


  1. Your quilter group has a beautiful show all on their own! Their quilts are so beautiful! I love the X quilt. It will be will all that gorgeous fabric from Diamond Textiles. I can't wait to see these in person someday :-)

  2. I would love to purchase the new Bits and Bobs kit. You can send me an invoice through Paypal as we did for the wool kit. Love your quotes each day. Hope your day is awesome.

    Phyllis Limiero

  3. How do I find your Bits and Bobs site? I've looked at several other sites called Bits and Bobs but can't find yours.

  4. I Love the April Bits and Bobs, everything about it! Happy to share the class project and thank you for sharing yourself and talent with others.

  5. Oh my!! I love popping in here, I always leave smiling :)
    Such lovely things on display, oh how I wish I could make beautiful things like that. Gosh! Love the fabrics...wonderful colours and patterns... Ha ha I too would love them!
    Smiles :)

  6. Your blog is always a joy to read! The pictures of the diamond textile swatches are gorgeous as well as all of the quilting/stitchig projects! Mentioning the best ever lemon cookie made me smile! :-) Have a blessed weekend!