Friday, March 11, 2016

Another busy day....

...and this day is being rounded off with visitors for dinner.  Chad is here to help me with some technical things and Grandpa is coming by to put patterns together......they are cheap labor.  Fortunately they are satisfied with food.  Tri Tip on the grill along with baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, and salad are on the menu.
Today I made a couple of more kits.

The kits for Living in The Sunshine have different components separated out into baggies so that the kit is not confusing.  It has everything to complete the top.....even the little buttons for the eyeballs! :-)


This is the kit for Mr. McGreggors Garden.

At quilt group last evening, Debra shared this bag she covered and embellished.  Debra is so very talented and will be having a trunk show of her quilts coming later in March. I plan on attending and will take plenty of photos to share with you.

Marilyn, shared her fabulous modern creation that she completed.



I will not be blogging for a week or so, as I'm off on new adventure.  I'm hoping to get Mays project prepped for my trip so I will have something to stitch on.  Many of you commented on April's project, but it will not be available until the end of March or the beginning of April......that was just a sneak peek.
"I believe there is a value in creating something handmade.  A handmade object carries within it the energy of the maker and imprints a piece of the artists soul." 
-Jamie Kalrestran


  1. I work for tri tip and roasted asparagus too...just in case you ever come up short handed...which is quite unlikely given that sort of "bait"!

  2. Love the bunny topper, that is so cute. Maybe I need to go through my patterns and make some spring minis. Have fun on your new adventure.


  3. Marilyns quilt is gorgeous and I am not a "yellow person". LOVE it! is that gypsy wife?