Wednesday, April 6, 2016

End of the visit.....

...Summers Past.  I truly loved and enjoyed my visit to this lovely spot.  If I lived closer I can see myself, hanging out there.  I'd take something to read or perhaps some hand stitching.  I would listen to the bird song, enjoy the flower scented breeze and sip on the peach smoothie which we enjoyed was fabulous!

Have you ever had a Maderense Geranium in your garden?  I took a picture of the name, because I want to see if they sell it in my location.

It might not look too awe inspiring here, but the foliage is unusual and looked great planted amongst the flowering plants.  It provided an interesting variety.

There were many interesting containers to fill with flowers.

There were paths throughout to meander and several benches tucked away to soak it all up.

These are the last two of Judy's blocks.  If you're are curious about the was hung up in Julie's garage where she has several large tables set up for sewing.

Enjoy every fruit of life.

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.  Thank you Judy for letting us enjoy your quilt!

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  1. That quilt was fantastic! Thank you, Judy, for allowing Norma to share it with all of us!