Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best of Show

This is the incredible quilt that was chosen for the Best of Show award.  I have never seen anything quite so spectacular!

Stunning scenes depicting scenes from a Snowy Day.

A close up look at the harness's on the team of horses.

I loved that there were people looking out the windows.

 So much amazing detail.

All of the scenes depict  a nostalgic look into a past era.

The skating pond.

Here are the details of this amazing quilting achievement.  The 2 ladies responsible for the creation of this quilt are artists who use cloth as their palette, and thread as their medium.
"Courage is grace under fire."  - Ernest Hemingway


  1. I saw this quilt at the AQS show in Phoenix in February, 2016 and stood in front of it in total awe. Very spectacular!

  2. Wow, that is amazing! It's like a Norman Rockwell painting, only better. And all done in free motion, no computer embroidery. Definitely deserving of the prize.

  3. Wow this is an amazing quilt - 7 years! Thank you for sharing these details.

  4. Saw this at the show on Saturday--and posted about it myself. : ) Pretty amazing quilt!