Friday, June 24, 2016

Beautiful stitching on linen.....

It has been such a long time since I have done counted cross stitch.  We I was we were using Aida cloth.  I love the linen used today much more, however, it is a challenge to see.  I am going to give it a try, because I love it so much.

You will find incredibly gorgeous stitcheries every where you look.

I especially love this one and bought the pattern.

Bee Keeping.

One of the ladies attending the retreat has this particular light and magnifier.  It is LED light so it is not hot.  I looked through the magnifier and could see well.  This light was very reasonable priced.  Many of them are very expensive.

Have a happy hearted week-end with those you love.


  1. WOw! We are so on the same page. Yesterday I picked out flosses and got my fabric ready and this morning I started a little cross stitch project. Before you said you bought that particular pattern, I was already loving it too! Love this post and would also love the dog & cat patterns! Guess I'll be contacting Country Sampler soon!

  2. Also wanted to say that it looked and sounded so relaxing to read books & picnic by the soothing, flowing waters. Glad to hear you made the time for this!

  3. Hello Norma! You can get that same light at JoAnn's under the OTT light brand name. I think you can use a coupon too. Happy Stitching!

    Nancy M