Monday, June 27, 2016

Continuing with inspiration.....

I still haven't landed from the high I was on after attending The Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  I will conclude the pictures from the store today.

There were quilts in every nick and cranny throughout the store, and you guessed, I wanted it all.  :-)

The sweet and helpful gals in the store are always busy making beautiful kits, or helping customers pick out the material and thread they require for stitcheries.

In the crock in the front window are tomato vines with miniature little tomatoes........they look so real!

Isn't this an adorable fox on this pin keep?

I love the determined look these two have!

A framed block makes a lovely piece of art.
Here's wishing you a happy new week!

"You may be whatever you resolve to be.  Determine to be something in the world, and you will be something.  'I cannot,' never accomplished anything: 'I will try,' has wrought wonders.
-J. Hawes


  1. What an amazing shop, beautiful quilts and fabric. And I love all the stitcheries, so much inspiration there. Thanks for the lovely tour.

  2. WOW!! I agree...wonderful shop!

  3. CS is my favorite quilt shop. I try to visit them two to three times a year even though it is an 8 1/2 hour drive each way. It's well worth the drive and I always return home with lots of new goodies.

  4. More than a shop .... a paradise ! I really would love to have such shops in France . The pillow with pigs family inspires me .