Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Independance Day....

Our 4th of July was celebrated in fine style.  My daughter and her husband hosted a wonderful celebration in their back yard.  We enjoyed marvelous ribs from the smoker and tri tip and all of the other fixin's.  Then we culminated the evening watching fire works from a place we go not far from our house.  This spot is within walking distance from our home and it gives a bird's eye view of the entire Salt Lake Valley. 

Before we left home in the early afternoon we had prepared the mixture for home made ice cream.  Bruce was a big hit with all of the children when he put his ice cream freezer in motion.  He had many little helpful assistants.

Backing up a bit more, on our way to the festivities we stopped off at the hospital to see Bruce's dad.  Grandpa took a spill and fractured his pelvis.  We found him in good spirits.......and before we left I asked him if he'd like to recite the pledge of allegiance with with silly grins of our faces we did so.  The nursing staff thought it was fitting for the day.  It definitely lightened all of our hearts, we left smiling after we saw the big smile on Grandpa's face.

I will share a bit more inspiration from The Country Sampler.  There was sweetness tucked into every corner.  I do believe this button jar could be recreated....if you could find the correct fitting base for it.  However, it would be much simpler to purchase this vintage looking one!  I know that some of you probably enjoy the hunt for finding just the right components.

Many of you have mentioned how much you have enjoyed seeing the miniature quilts.  This is another sweet wee quilt on this adorable rope bed.

Another stitchery which I fell in love with.

A colorful snuggly flannel quilt.  Fireside is a perfect name for it.

Wisconsin creates a line of fabric every year.  One of the lines was created by Jeanie Horton and Julie Hendricks, the owner of J.J. Stitches in Sun Prairie.  We will be visiting this wonderful shop soon.

There is no end to the goodness.

The two above quilts were down in the bargain basement.  There were kits for each on sale.

These were the two miniature quilts which we received kits for during the retreat.
Happy summer. :-)


  1. ***sigh*** I assembled a Country Sampler photo screen saver on my home computer about a year ago, your post is the perfect illustration as to why. I hope you do go back again next year so I can live vicariously through your wonderful photos!

  2. Love the usual. It sounds like you had a nice 4th of July. Hope your grandpa gets out of the hospital soon, it's not very nice sitting in a hospital over summer.

  3. Thanks so much for the great Wisconsin pictures. I've been to JJ's and the Country Sampler, and can't get enough of their yummy goods and displays. Sure wish I lived closer, but I seem to do well at add-to-cart even from miles away! Thanks, Norma -- love your blog, designs, and patterns -- I'm working on Gathering Baskets now, and enjoying every stitch.