Monday, August 15, 2016

Thinking about Autumn..

I constantly try to live in the moment,  at the same time I'm thinking ahead to Autumn days.  I've found enjoyment in stitching on this table runner. Three stars on point and wool applique on a black cotton.

....a closer look.

Fill Your Heart With What's Important And Be Done With All The Rest.  Well said!

I'm sorry this is difficult to read.  The overhead lighting was so bright.

Dragonfly Dance.....For the kitty lovers.

Bean Stalks......perhaps the kind that Jack climbed!

I can't see the name for certain, something about swirl.

Chicken On the Loose.

Thread Art.

Along with fabric, and associated items, I have been a collector of well chosen words.  It warms my heart to know that they appeal to many of you as well! :-)

"Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door." -  Emily Dickinson 
 The door of a new week.....the door to fresh possibilities.... the door of our hearts and minds.  I hope all is well in your neighborhood!


  1. I love your table runner! It's gorgeous. Thanks for the quilt show too!!

  2. Beautiful quilts! I especially love Dragonfly Dance.

  3. Hi Norma! Your Autumn Runner is magnificent!! I LOVE the way you added the smokey blue to the give this Fall runner a whole different look! PERFECT!! Your sense of colour is spot on...the way your nine patch compliments the vine and then the rays of the stars ties in the border! LOVE IT!! WOW!! Blue rosette ribbon for this one!!:o))

  4. That's a really beautiful table runner, Norma. I love the colours that you have used and the border is delightful.

  5. "...collector of well chosen words" perfectly said! Someday please tell us how you organize your collection. Shamefully I admit my efforts have been totally UNorganized. Also, the autumn runner is absolutely yummy. Will it be a pattern, I hope, I hope! Thank you so much for your blog, and for taking us with you on your travels and adventures.

  6. once 4th of July is over I can't help but think of Fall!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I love the oak leaves, acorns and bittersweet. Is this a new design?

  8. Beautiful runner--the wool appliqué border is just over the top

  9. MMmmm.... I'm in love with that runner! Should we be anticipating patterns and kits to be available soon? :-)