Friday, August 12, 2016

More quilts......

I will continue with the quilt show.  :-)  Bunches of more inspiration.

Sushi 111  Fascinating!  Yes, I can see the similarity.

The Lincoln Quilt
My oh my!  Piecing genius!  Cody is an amazing quilter and technician!

A peak at this border element.

Peppermint Twists.  A cheerful quilt with lots of motion.

Brides Bouquet.  I've always loved this quilt pattern.

Julia Smith, is another local quilter and friend.  She is also an incredible quilter, and is a fabulous hand quilter.

I did not get the detail information on this quilt.......Sorry!  I really like strip piecing quilts such as this.  An amazing way to use up scraps.  Have you ever noticed that while working on a scrap quilt that the scraps just seem to give birth to more scraps?  Perhaps it is also because we can't resist cutting a few strips off some new fabric we've collected.

These owls were just too cute and wise not to take a picture of them.

Notice the arrangement of the fabric....a Happy Life is centered on his forehead.  A good reminder to look for we will see what we are looking for.

I didn't quite understand what this quilt has to do with a Woolies #4 Challenge, because these guys are not made of wool. 

"Butter! Oh isn't butter divinity! -  Amy, in Little Women.  For those of you who know me personally, know of my love affair with butter.  I have a little bread with my butter.......and popcorn without butter does not work at all for me! 
Have a great day and find ways to have butter! :-)


  1. SO many pretties but think I love the sushi best (tho I detest real sushi! HA). Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Gorgeous quilts, thanks for the wonderful tour. The Sushi quilt was very intriguing, and those little owls are so cute.

  3. I too am a butter person. Nothing artificial will suffice! It stems from growing up in Wisconsin where margarine was illegal and not sold in the Dairy state. My Mom was one of those 'oleo felons' bringing back a pound or two when we went to Illinois for Thanksgiving. I remember her wrapping it in something and hiding it in the trunk of our car. Then my sister and I would watch for police cars on the rest of the ride home and pray! ha She only used it for baking. Here is a quote from google "From 1925-1967 margarine was banned from sale in the state of Wisconsin. I guess Wisconsinites even tried smuggling it in, or making what they called “oleo runs” from Illinois. Thousands of Wisconsinites became fake-butter law breaking felons. No joke."

  4. My butter sentiments exactly! Enjoy your butter!
    Grandma Rita