Friday, September 9, 2016

First night.....

....for football in the NFL.  Who cares....right!  Well, I look forward to this time of year, because while my husband masters the remote with great expertise,  I can stitch to my hearts content!  And this evening Chad has chosen to join us and Bruce picked up a pizza so we are set for the evening.  The boys will be checking their fantasy football scores on occasion, as they take this quite seriously.

Now for a few more quilts....

Birds Eye View.

Little Red School Houses.
I'm charmed by this wonderful school house quilt.  Anything with houses has always been a favorite of mine.  The secondary designs on the sides of the houses make this exceptional.

Elephant Appreciation Day.
An awesome elephant....wrinkles and all.

I do not have any information on this one.....but so clever, who ordered take out for lunch?

Stunning!  Long Winter Flower Basket Sampler.

Anniversary Roses......This quilt is so soft, feminine and beautiful.

This is fantastic!  Arroyo Grande Album.

A Costal Town.  The detail in this quilt is amazing!

This concludes the quilts from the quilt show.  Have a fabulous week end.  :-)

"There is a wisdom of the head and there is wisdom of the heart."
-Charles Dickens


  1. They are all such beautiful quilts! I would see the first one, love it, and then I would come to the second one and fall in love with that one :) BUT when I came to Andrea Perejda's Arroyo Grande Album that one hit the ball out of the park for me! I just love everything she does - such artistry and talent!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!!!

  2. Lovely quilts! Enjoy the upcoming NFL season ... I know I will also (same reasons too)!