Monday, September 12, 2016

I received a gift.....

......when family came to visit so that we could watch the local rivalry football game together.  Out team won by the way. :-)  My sweet little grand dogs came along to visit, and gave as much love as they received.  And, we all made home made pizzas using my new our dough starter....they were yummy.  It's a fun thing because everyone can decorate their own crust.

They are all tuckered out.....they love it at our house, because we have more carpet than Chad and Abbie.  This enables them to get better traction to run and play. 

I have this occasion to look forward to in the spring time.

This is a Navajo Code talker quilt picture which was sent to me sometime ago.....I love it.  I just now found it in one of my download files.  Little by little I'm learning a bit more about the computer and its abilities.  The problem is, that my abilities are quite insufficient to utilize the capabilities. The computer is great, however I do not enjoy spending time on it.  To be come adept, one must be much more interested than what I I'm sorry I forgot your name.

The same scenario applies to this picture which was shared with me.....and finally the lost was discovered! :-)  My dear friend Nannelle Robinson, shared a picture of her prize winning quilt, How Does Your Garden Grow.  Chad helped me save that one last night and I've hunted and have not found it. When and if he comes for dinner this week, we will need to have another wee lesson! :-)

When reviewing photos, I realized that I had forgotten to share this quilt from the show.....and it is too stunning not to share.

Migration.....a perfect name. The quilting is exquisite.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."
-Albert Einstein


  1. I especially love Navajo Code Talker. That is one I have really wanted to make. It is gorgeous!
    Wasn't that quite a game?

  2. I'll try this again! I always read your blog post first! I love your patterns! So today I was scrolling through and saw a familiar site!! You had posted my picture of the quilt Navajo Code Talker that I had finished earlier this year. I was so surprised. It made my day!! I am nearly finished making two of your Harvest Blessings and one is being sent to the quilter today. This was such a nice surprise today! Thank you. Mary Jane Stewart

  3. I love your grand doggies! I have two chihuahua's myself.
    Nothing sweeter! Great quilts!

  4. Thank you very much Norma for featuring and liking my quilt, Migration. While on a retreat a group of friend bought the same fabric and to make a quilt of our choice. I made this wall hanging and named it Migration because two of our group have moved away, flown the coop, so to speak. This quilt has such special memories for me. Thank you again. Love your patterns and have one to start.