Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Continuing with the quilt study museum....

Representing a gentler time.......and what tiny waists they have!

There was a huge exhibit of Mountain Mist quilts.  I have many of them to share with you.

When I first started quilting, it was Mountain Mist Bats that I used.
 And inside each wrapper there was a quilt pattern.

Not only hand pieced, but hand quilted.

This quilt was completed all by hand also.

So clever how they have used the rick rack in this quilt.

It is time for the second Wednesday drawing.  the 3 names selected are- Susie Hoover, Barb Cole and Victoria Cloud.  Email me with your pattern selection and please include your mailing address.

"A definition of a gentleman: a man, but more often a women, who owes nothing and leaves the world in debt to him."
-George Bernard Shaw


  1. These are really unusual quilts. I like the shadow trail the best, and the rickrack is inspired.

  2. Thank you, Norma! I love pretty much everything you share in your blog. How's that shoulder???

  3. I remember those Mountain Mist batts and the patterns. These quilts are a sweet display of quilter's work from that time. Really lovely!

  4. I'm going to keep that 'ric-rac' idea in mind! I have SO much vintage ric-rac I could use! must ponder.... :-)

  5. These are wonderful. I love that you are looking at the museum, something on my list to visit.