Thursday, October 13, 2016

More from Mountain Mist

I set out to do some hand stitching, thinking that it wouldn't affect
my shoulder.....that's what you'd think.....right?  Wrong!  I have really been left high and dry as far as the stitching goes. :-(  So I'm having an abundance of time to read....and that is good.

This is made from many, many little squares!

It is the hand quilting which makes these quilts!  There is nothing quite so wonderful as a hand quilted quilt.

I love all of the motion in this quilt.

And here is the second half to Jack and Jill.

Now are main reason for hand piecing is because of troublesome curves.

This brings to mind all of the patriotic designs that came about as the result of 9-11.  One of the reasons we make quilts is to remember important events.

"Feed your life from the well of sweetness.  -Susan Branch


  1. So sorry you are still suffering with your shoulder. Sending healing thoughts your way. Take care.

  2. Loved the show and the history. Thanks for sharing.