Thursday, October 6, 2016

Grounded by History in Cornhusker County....

This is the title of an article and home which was featured in a "Primitive Place" magazine.  I subscribe to this publication, and was extremely excited when I realized that it was a friend, and one of the co-owners of Blackberry Primitives, Cindy Bruggeman.  When Julie and I were in Lincoln Nebraska, one of our highlights was being welcomed into Cindy's home and to see first hand her unique decorating style.  The Bruggeman's home is filled with early American antiques.  Cindy's husband Tom, has his great- great- grandfather's Civil War rifle, and it hangs about the mantel in their living room.  I have a few photo's which I hope inspire you as much as they did me.

I absolutely fell in love with the folk art rabbit which hangs on the   front door. He is holding a sun flower for fall, and Cindi has him holding a flag for summer.

Cindi has many interesting and unique collections, and one is pin keeps......also hooked rugs.

I loved this old has a door on the side of the cupboard, which is very uncommon.  There are narrow shelves on behind the door.  Would have been great for spices and the likes.

There were amazing touches every where we looked.

Unique lighting!

One of Maggie Bononimi's designs.  The wool used is Blackberry Primitive's.

The lighting in many of the rooms was too dim to get pictures to turn out......what a special treat it was to be invited into this beautiful home........many thanks for Cindi's generosity in sharing it with us.

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  1. What a treasure of a home. I'm dying to get back to Nebraska and to introduce my husband to a piece of my past. We spent a bunch of my childhood in Elgin, NE-my grandparents home town. Granddad was the local country doctor and grandma was his nurse. I think the population of this booming metropolis is still about the same today-about 800 people. it brings back memories of much simpler times. it sounds like you had just a wonderful trip.