Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Quilt Study Museum

If you are ever traveling down I-80 through Nebraska, you must stop and visit the Quilt Study Museum at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  I've been twice now and look forward to my next visit, whenever that might be.

At the top of the stairs where the tour of quilts begins, hangs this Blackberry Primitives quilt.  It is a block of the month and there are kits available.

There is a marvelous book written by Grace McCance Snyder, and it is entitled, "No Time On My Hands."  Grace tells of homesteading on the Nebraska Prairie and living is a sod house.  I enjoyed reading this book, finding it an easy read, and very entertaining.  It is especially memorable, because Bruce's grandma is mentioned in the story.  This quilt was made by Grace and has58,640 pieces in it.  She accomplished her dream of seeing the top side of the clouds, when she flew to New York to claim the honors which were associated with the making of this quilt. 

The quilt exhibits keep changing at the museum, and this exhibit on the 9/11 quilts were hanging.  We found it to be a very moving experience to see them hanging.

I took a few close ups of some of the blocks in the seven quilts.

The names of the victims are written on these black cloths hanging by the quilts.

Perhaps some of you have already seen these memorial quilts.  If not perhaps this will give you just a bit of an idea of what they look like.
"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction."
-Anne Frank


  1. Thank you for sharing your travels and the special quilts you post. I appreciate it very much. mjh

  2. I was at the museum the day the exhibit of the 9-11 quilts opened. It was very touching and special.