Thursday, November 10, 2016

Continuing to step back in time....

I was happy to hear from so many of you and for your warm welcome home.  And just to report in, my shoulder is beginning to improve, as I'm able to stitch a bit now, and how sweet it is.

Besides the beautiful heirlooms and antiques within this charming home, the thing that appeals to me is the cozy warmth that seems to radiate within it's walls.  The thermostat on the wall looks strangely out of place.

The wide plank in the flooring was the original.

Because the walls are so very thick it contributes to many awesome nooks and crannies.

Everywhere we looked there was something remarkable.

This sampler is not an antique......very lovely.

The hooked rug shown here was hooked by Beth Anne.

Here is the second set of steps, with another exceptional covering.

A marvelous old cupboard, filled with her red ware collection.

A close up look of the wall paper.

A marvelous old chair.

The yellow ware and a butter churn......charm every where we looked.

I can vaguely see myself in the mirror.

Lovely blue dishes......I happen to love dishes, so this was quite a treat.

Another amazing cabinet.

Bet Anne hooked this welcome mat.

A sweet angel.

This bench encourages good posture!

I believe I've mentioned that I am a lover a beautifully written word, so I just have to share this phrase I ran across by William Wordsworth.  "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."


  1. Wonderful home filled with treasures!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too love old houses. Of course I grew up in one, built by my grandfather around 1906. Re-built by my father the entire time we lived there. I sure hope your friend's house has a basement. Cannot imagine how hard it must have been installing heating duct work in something so old. They did a beautiful job on the restoration.

  3. This is such a beautiful home with so many cherished things in it. It's so good to hear that your shoulder is healing well. We really need our bodies working right :-)

  4. Looks like something from an historic home tour. Inspiring!

  5. Beautiful home. Love all the antiques. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Glad to hear there is improvement in your shoulder! I don't know how you survived this long without your craft!

    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures!