Friday, November 11, 2016

The house tour continues....

Today you will see a few indicators that real people are living in this amazing home.

This hooked rug by Beth is absolutely stunning!

This fruit is plaster of Paris.....I believe that is what it is called, it is heavy.

The old brick floor was beautiful.

More treasures.

Another clue about the present time frame.  I fell in love with this funky chicken

Yes, the cooking is not accomplished by cooking over an open fire in the fireplace.

Pennies and still more pennies!

Now, we are upstairs in the house.  Sweet lamb.

Beth Anne is a collector of antique stuffed animals

Such a marvelous use of space.  Me Smiley custom built this into the home.

The floor stenciling was lovely....another hooked rug,

I absolutely fell in love with this rat.....tail and all!

Stunning in it's simplicity.

Everyone have a marvelous fall weekend.

"Storms cause the trees to take deeper roots."


  1. Everything was beautiful but I absolutely LOVE the hooked kitty chair pad!!!!

    1. Oh, Yes! The kitty chair pad is just great! Is there a pattern for it! (I am Mary--not James!)

  2. The stainless steel stove seems like such an anachronism in this home. : )
    What a wonderful place!