Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Monday....

...I believe today is a good day to have a good day! :-)

I have so many photos of this museum like home, I've gone through them seeing if I could eliminate some of them, and I managed to eliminate a few.  I feel like there are too many exceptional things that the Smiley's have collected, to not share them.  Beth Anne mainly makes hooked rugs, and here are two more of them.

I really enjoyed all of her antique stuffed animals.

This hooked welcome rug was a favorite, but I really fell in love with the bird picture.

Beth has a cozy work area in her home.  Here we see many of the wool strips ready for hooking.

Now, this elephant is just stinking cute!  Especially all of the patches.

Pin cushions and sewing items which they have collected.

Wheaton Woolens, is a lovely shop which I will feature later, but I'm certain there are times when Beth likes to create outside of the store, and in the coziness of her own home.

I used great restraint in not snooping through the items layered in this basket.

How about this lamp shade?!  I'm trying to ascertain how to make one of these.  I think I may have figured it out.  You could adhere strips of fabric to a stabilizer, sew them together, and then add the embellishments.  I've covered lamp shades before using an adhesive spray......I think this would work.  :-)

A replica of an old sampler stitched by Beth.

Another glimpse of the floor.

One of Maggie's designs hooked by Beth.

Some antique doll's minus there heads....I love the heart sewn onto the body.

I ended the post before this one with Dolly Parton's quote about storms causing our roots to go down, now this is the one which has given me further consideration on this line of thought.  "Ask not for an easy life....ask for the strength to face the elements to weather the storms; to be the might for right and the weak, to be the voice for those who cannot speak, to see one's dreams to fruition with dignity, integrity and grace.  -Giac Nguyen


  1. Since I'm a rug hooker AND a quilter, I sure am enjoying the tour of Beth's home!

  2. This has been so interesting to see Beth's home. She was a guest speaker at our guild this year and also did a workshop for us making a hooked flower pin. She brought some of her beautiful rugs and one piece that was in progress.