Monday, December 19, 2016

A New Pattern......

....will soon be available.  I've spent an enjoyable week end stitching on a new table mat for your valentines decorating.  It has been so enjoyable I've had a difficult time putting it down.

How I love the wonderful shading of the hand dyed wool.  It especially shows up in the red star in the center.  I've used a herringbone stitch on attaching the center star.  I thought this mat was a great transition from Christmas through February.

A little closer look.

And now the quilts from the Houston quilt show continues.  Isn't this a sweet happy quilt?

And that is just what Barbara called her quilt!

A spectacular piece of art.

Tel - Aviv Symphony.....and yes, they certainly did achieve great results.

From Spain comes, Stairs in Perspective.

Quilts have meaning for their makers.

From Australia, Fiona shares Raspberry Roses.  Lovely!

A dear Jane quilt always makes a quilt show complete.  An heirloom and an amazing accomplishment.

Quite an amazing quilting journey.  Karen didn't know about starting at the beginner level....:-)  I'm certain it will be a treasure for her daughter.

Little scraps of cloth used for amazing results.

A gorgeous quilt.....I saw this one a far off and was drawn right to it!  I've made this sunflower block, but the flying geese really is a marvelous addition.

Yes!  The scrappier the better.

The star sashing is just perfect in this quilt.  I love the Feathered Star......I just really do love stars!

A memorable exchange!  It really does look like an antique quilt.

The dark background really sets off this quilt.  I've always loved the Album block.  It makes for a terrific signature block.

This quilt was love at first sight!  I love the color and the design.  Just lovely and so unique.

I can totally understand about the trees.  This block has also been on my to do list!  What creativity to separate them with the log cabins.

We've had some beautiful snow fall, but I'm continue to wish for more.  I'm having a hard time being satisfied!  I find myself nostalgic for the snow falls of years past.  And this brings me to my quote for the day.

"Layer upon layer of soft packed snowflakes settle in near silence, forming a quilt of feathery ice crystals."  - Rebecca Nichols Alonzo


  1. Raspberry Roses and My Happy Quilt are my favs! I also agree with you that the flying geese really set the sunflower blocks over the top. So stunning! Looking forward to seeing your Valentine table mat finished!

  2. That's a beautiful, new pattern, Norma. The colors add so much interest. I love the birds too. :-)

  3. I also love the rich tones of the red wool. The new pattern looks beautiful.

  4. I adore your new wool design!! When will the pattern be available?
    Wow--such a never-ending supply of gorgeous quilts from Houston. My mother had a quilt displayed there once. It had won sweepstakes at the Utah State Fair. I always regret that I didn't know anyone going that could get a photo for us.

  5. I really like your new design...I too decorate for Valentine's Day.... February is such a dreary month...A little pop of red can brighten any space 😊

  6. Hearts and can't beat that! Love the new mat and really enjoyed the quilt show, too. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas, Norma!

  7. Love your new Valentine's design! :-)

  8. Norma - Have you ever used staples to hold your wool appliques in place as you stitch? I recently tried it and I'm loving it! Now I'm looking for a long-necked stapler to use on larger projects.

  9. I will need the new pattern❤