Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Whoops...... day was too busy and I crawled into bed without blogging.
Sorry, about that.  No time to sew today...:-(!  I was busy with the dentist, and I have been having regular massage for my shoulder.  We quilters have a difficult day without needle and thread.

I'm just now recognizing this is the same feathered star block in this quilt as the one I shared yesterday.  It was from the same group that had the block exchange.  Once again I am drawn to this beautiful star block.

Oh how I love this block, and what a gorgeous masterpiece this quilt is.  I especially like the negative nine patch that is used in the sashing.

Mary has achieved the look of a very old quilt.  Perhaps it comes from the pheasant border fabric, and I also the ping snowballs contribute to the old feel.

Here is another beauty by Mary Freeman.  Once again she has achieved a lovely antique look.

These quilts end the pictures which I have from the show in Houston.  I ran out of time to finish the show.  I was rounded up and shewed out of the hall at the end of the last day.

This is just a peak at a new Blackbird design which was hanging in the Moda section at market.  Barbara Allen and Barb Adams certainly have lovely designs.  It looks just like them, doesn't it?

I was thrilled to meet Kathy Schmitz.  She is a sweet and lovely lady.  I felt like I knew Kathy because of an email mail I received from her thanking me for posting one of her designs on my blog.  I loved being thanked instead of scolded.  Kathy and Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night are sisters.

Here is a photo of one of her new designs.  Soft and sweet.

Julie purchased this beautiful quilt which was hand quilted. from one of the vendors of antique quilts.

I thought I'd share this wonderful wooden smoker with you.  I look forward to getting reacquainted with him every December.

These two alpine skiers were a treasure which I found in an antique store many years ago.  I learned to ski once I moved to Utah, at the same time my first child took his first lesson.  He was three years old when he begged to ski.  I decided that I wanted to ski also, and we as a family have numerous memories of our skiing days together.

"Comparison is the thief of joy."  - Theodore Roosevelt


  1. I didn't know Kathy and Bonnie are sisters but their design styles are very similar so I should have guessed. Love both of their designs. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the beautiful quilts over the last few days. They are all gorgeous! I have the pattern of the yellow and white quilt done in red and white that I plan on making one day. I love it in both colorways. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow! Almost Christmas pines is stunning....I love all the colours used...I fact I love everything about it! Yes! Oh yes! I too really like Kathy Schmitz new quilt! It's beautiful!! Wow!!
    I do so love popping in as you always show such beautiful designs that make me wish I had more skills!
    Your alpine skiers are adorable, as is your wooden smoker, he reminds me of Christmases in Germany ....I love getting all the Chrismas bits out....spending time with them. Then I carefully put them away until the following year.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and New Year full of smiles and laughter :)

  3. Beautiful post as always! Love Kathy Schmitz and the Blackbird Designs applique!