Thursday, January 26, 2017

Home Sweet Home.....

I've been told than San Diego's temperature does not vary much throughout the year.  This is not true.  I've been there when it was 100 degrees, and when it is in the low 40's.  Flying into San Diego this time, the land scape was green, very green.  And that is because they are receiving abundant amounts of rain.  At last, they feel they are out of the drought and that is something to celebrate.  And while I was away, it snowed in Utah....bunches!  And that is also something to celebrate!  It means there is water for all of the people who live here.

I forgot to pack a pin cushion when I left home, so I remedied that situation by buying this one made by one of the owners of Grand Country Quilter's, Karen Whitmeyer.  When I saw it I was pleased because it had a N on it for just for me.......and then I was informed it was a little pin keep made for November.

This is a new table runner which I completed while sewing with friends.  I have been working on many new designs for retreats which I will be teaching at over the next few months.  I will be making kits for this one.

Every Monday several friends meet at Julie's home, where she sets up several large tables in her garage for everyone to stitch around.  Usually the door is wide open because the weather is usually very accommodating. This is a piece Julie just completed and has back from being quilted.  It a Blackbird Design.

And here is another, also Blackbird design.

Still one more.....she has been working on unfinished projects and is making progress.

This is Joan and her adorable mom.  And the dog Ripley was hanging out with us.  He came to attention when we had lunch, hoping for tidbits from everyone.

I love sewing with all of these lovely ladies. In the front is sweet Maureen adjusting her glasses then Susie, Helen and Judy.  I'm realizing now that I did not get photos of everyone.

Several of the ladies are working on this beautiful wool design which was offered as a stich along on Facebook.  The design is by Rebekah L. Smith.

Judy was finishing up on my design Love Shared.

Maureen is working on the wonder Blackbird design with all of the houses.

Joan and her mother (I've drawn a blank on her name) are working on this wool project also by Rebekah L Smith.

We also spent a day sewing with our friends at Grand Country Quilters.  They had this new quilt hanging in the store.  I thought it very striking.  The sample was made by another friend, Jenny.  The pattern was in a quilting magazine.

"Wisdom is knowing we are all one.  Love is what it feels like and compassion is what it acts like."  - Ethan Walker III

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  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos--I love seeing what others are doing in a class or get together--and there was some great projects going on in that room!!
    enjoy the moments, di