Thursday, January 12, 2017

More from the Amana Colonies....

I will continue with the tour, but first I will show you the project I completed today.

This is needle turn applique on cotton.  I am waiting for inspiration for a name.  When I visit France in April this is one of the projects which I will be teaching.  I will be kitting this one.  I will be teaching it again at The Primitives of the Midwest which I will be teaching at again in August.  After that retreat the project will be available to the public.

Now more from our adventures visiting the Amana Colonies.
This sign reminds me how much I love red.

There was a plethora of awesome chicken things.

This means we must find more time for stitching and creating.

Thank a farmer,......Yes! in deed.


Our visit was during the Autumn, and the villages were festively decorated.

This charming fellow ready to strut his stuff, is made from all natural things.

Yum.....cheese at the Country Store.  Plus, delicious squeaky cheese curds.



There I am in the mirror caught taking a picture.

"One of the things about getting older, so many moments aren't just moments, they are gifts.  Life is a thing to celebrate." -unknown.


  1. Think you have a winner with your latest design, love the pops of color. Looks like an interesting shop to browse in.

  2. LOVE your new design! Can we do it in bits and bobs?❤❤❤