Friday, January 13, 2017

Our visit continues....

While in college in Iowa, I visited the Amana Colonies several times.  Fall was my favorite time to visit, so for old times sake I was happy our visit was in the autumn time.

We browsed through the villages and shops all day long, and it was a very nice way to spend a day.

This circle of broom grass was beautiful.  If you remember the rooster which I had on my blog yesterday, this is what his tail was made from.

We visited a perfectly lovely quilt shop in the Main Amana, and for the life of me I can not recall the name.  The store had a great section for those who love to do counted cross stitch.

The best journey always takes us home.  Very sweet.

I fell in love with this quilt which was hanging on the wall.

The hitching post from days of yore.

This was an exceptionally enjoyable antique shop to meander through.  We were regretting that our car was full, and that we were not pulling a trailer. :-)

This was an amazing antique pull toy.  It was calling my name.

When you take this tour through Iowa, remember that just beyond the Amana Colonies is the Amish area.  This is the settlement of Amish which Sue Bender wrote about in her book Plain and Simple.  And then not far up the road is Wheaton Woolens.  You might remember that I blogged about our glorious visit there on a previous day.  So fly in to Des Moines ladies, rent a very large van that will hold all of you and set out for an adventure which you are sure to enjoy.  On Monday I will write about the Bed and Breakfast which we stayed at.  Now, I wish you all a very warm and relaxing week end.

Today I will leave you with some beautiful written words from a novel which I recently read...."They had fun together these days, they really did.  It was as if marriage had been a long complicated meal, and now there was this lovely dessert."  I do not remember what book it even was, but as I'm reading if there is a phrase that is just too lovely to pass over, I jot it down. 


  1. We lived in Omaha in the 1970's and passed through the Amana Colonies almost every trip back and forth from our home on the East Coast. What a charming area of the country. I remember my younger son celebrated his 4th Birthday there and the ladies in the restaurant made such a sweet fuss. I have a stunning clock from the clock words and several other cherished pieces of crockery etc. We want to revisit this Summer in our motorhome. Your post has convinced me to make that destination. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you! I always travel with you on the photos. Thank yoy again for share , I am from Brazil.

  3. Love your post and pictures from Iowa. I have had the joy of shopping at both the Woolen Needle and Heritage Designs on my way to and from Chicago. Such fun! Inspirations Quilt Shop in Hills,Ia is another great one in that area. Happy Stitching