Monday, February 27, 2017

Once again..... we are at the beginning of a new week, and I wonder where last week went so quickly.  Message to self......self, slow down and savor!!

We had a full day of shopping at the Amana Colonies, and I will share more today.

Oh my!  There were several treasures tucked away in here.

This little hedgehog beckoned me.

Quilts just begging to be loved and claimed.

I love this pattern.

Splendid.......I love red and green quilts in general.  Does that come as a surprise?

A summertime Lovely.

Now, we are at the quilt store.  Sorry, I do not recall the name.  These colors are just exciting!

This is for lovers of the sea, lakes and streams.

Little wool projects.

Fabric panels.

This quilt was created with pretty cheater cloth.

My latest, quilted and bound.  This week I will begin working on the pattern.

A close up corner.  I was kind of sad when this quilt came to it's conclusion, as it was such an enjoyable process.  Friends have asked me to bring it to Nantes when I go.  It's pretty large, I will have to pack light!

Another pile of fabric waiting to be the first to email me if you thing you could use them.

"Everyday is a gift and not a given.  So live tomorrow today, and say goodbye to yesterday."  -unknown and shared by Janet Wells.


  1. I can see why you were sad to see this quilt be finished. It's absolutely beautiful!

    I think in general quilt panels & cheater cloth have gotten so much nicer! Have a great week!

  2. I would love these scraps for your Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep quilt. Now I need the pattern!

  3. Love your little quilt show and especially your latest quilt! Beautiful warm colors and cute design too!

  4. I love your "Now I lay me down to sleep" quilt!

  5. Your new quilt is delightful!! Could just snuggle up in it. Love the red and green appliqué top. I plan to make one in my lifetime.

  6. Your quilt makes me smile....not only did you incorporate those beautiful strips of fabric but you worked in hearts and baskets of flowers...all of our favorite is just a feast of the eyes to see..thank you❤️