Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A PerfectlyLovely....

....snow day here today.  I really do enjoy winter, especially when I'm tucked inside all warm and cozy.  A great change from my home health and hospice days.  Even then I used to love heading out in early mornings to freshly fallen snow. Everything was so clean and still and magical.  I always had all wheel drive so I didn't worry much about the road conditions.

This photo was taken mid morning, and it has been snowing off and on throughout the day.  My tulips are up a couple of inches.....just peaking out, having been coaxed my warm days.  This ought to slow them down a bit. Notice my rabbit stand near the front of the photo.  I stuck him in the ground after a few warm days to keep my tulips company.

I'm back visiting the Amana Colonies.  These were hanging in one of the quilt stores and are in keeping with todays weather.

This is a sweet little quilt.  The head used for the cat is a button.

Another cute little quilt.

Wool ornaments.

A botanical collection arranged behind this window.....love the green color.

In our meanderings between the seven different villages we spotted this car!

The countryside there is beautiful.

This white door did not belong.

We loved seeing all of the old original homes.

A swallow birdhouse.  They are plentiful in that part of the country and keep the mosquito population in check.

This completes the tour for today.  I was mistaken about yesterdays quote which was offed unanimously, and todays quote was shared by Janet Wells, and is wisdom offered by Mother Teresa.
"Some People come into our life as blessings, others come in our life as lessons."

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