Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A productive day.....

I completed this little table mat today.  It is part wool and part cotton.  It will be available soon as the next Bits and Bobs project on Facebook.  It is sixteen inches square.

This new design is even quilted and bound.  I will be offering kits for this new design which is thirty six inches square.  I have named it Flag Day.

I am including a few close ups so that you might better see the detail in the four corners.  The border fabric is a wonderful Diamond Textile.

Bernadette Bird sent me the completed pillow covers for my design called....Choose your love....and Love Your Choice.  I love them.....and thanks for sharing.

Robyn Cousins shared a terrific quote with me and I will pass it on to you today.  "You must never forget that what you do not value will not be valued, that what you do not remember will not be remembered, that what you do not change will not be changed; that what you do not do will not be done." -unknown


  1. Flag Day is wonderful! Also love the stripe fabric on the next Bits 'n' Bobs!

  2. I really love your Flag Day quilt! Beautiful colors and design. I often wonder how you clean a quilt which is part cotton and part wool. Wouldn't the colors run if you washed it? Thanks.

  3. Flag Day is a lovely lovely pattern. I like the use of the Diamond Textiles that you chose. A local 2 hour away shop sells some of their pieces and they are lovely especially a somewhat darker grayish one. Your work is very nicely designed!

    Karen in NC

  4. Lovely design, but too much on my plate to join in!