Friday, March 24, 2017

A rainy day.....

....more so than what is normal for Utah.  In fact, we have rejoiced with all of the abundant moisture which we have had this winter, and now it is extending into spring.

The fresh new greens in the spring seem so vibrant!

My tulips are just beginning to bloom.  My daughter Abbie planted bunches of bulbs for me last fall and these on the south are the first to bloom.

First blooming trees in our neighborhood....:-)

I stuck this bunny into the ground today while the earth is nice and soft from the rain.

Fresh new life on the weeping pine tree.

Now, we're back to Megan's quilts. The hand quilting is so lovely!

A simple nine patch has a charm of its own.  I love the different shades of muslin used in this quilt.

Notice how incredible the quilting is on this quilt.  Megan does fabulous hand quilting.

Once again the quilting makes the quilt!  I do love this quilt.

We found it interesting that all of the stars bordering this lovely quilt were light in color....did they loose their color or was it planned that way.

An interesting color combination.

Megan wondered if at one time, all of the stars were red, and that some of the reds lost their color.  I guess the color red often ended up tan.

This is a quilt top which Megan rescued.....I will excited to see what she does with this is sure to be beautiful once she is finished with it.

This is the free pattern for today.  Yesterdays pattern is on it's way to the winner.  Once again I will take the 10th person to email me their address at

"If you will make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk."
-Robert Baden Powell
Have a marvelous week end.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, projects, and quotes! Going really good with my cup of coffee, thank you so much!