Friday, March 31, 2017

Another rainy day.....

...this is highly unusual for Utah.  I'm not complaining, I just can not believe how unusual this is.

I have a few more antique quilts to show today from our adventures through antique shops.

This quilt reminds me of the quote in a pioneer woman's journal, "I make quilts as fast as I can to keep my family warm, and as pretty as I can to keep my heart from breaking."

These blocks were hand pieced.

I will always love a nine patch!

A grandmother Flower Garden.....unfortunately parts of it have worn out.

This pattern is completed.....Flag Day.  Today was the first day for the kits to be available on my web site.  I only have 2 left, but I have fabric ordered to make more.  Diamond Textiles is so prompt in sending orders, so hopefully more will be ready soon.

I've included a close ups of the 4 corner detail so that you can see it better.

"To better hear the world outside, listen faithfully to the voice inside."  -Quaker Proverb.

Enjoy your week end.......and remember to keep a happy heart.

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  1. Flag Day is wonderful and so is your quote for the day!