Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow.....

.......mine is not very colorful at present, but the prospects look good.  :-)

Sandi Wilhite has completed her master piece, and has share it with us.  This is my design called, How Does Your Garden Grow.  She has given her quilt a different name which is lovely......Windows Into My Heart.

I love how special Sandi has made it, but I welcomed those little quail right into my yard.  She has truly made her quilt exceptional!

Several of these designs are Sandi's own creation!

It is thrilling for me to see where my designs take people in their own creative realm.  Sandi your quilt is marvelous!  You have inspired us all.......and we have visions of days to come in our own gardens.

This is the journal cover which I made this past week........a new place to start recording all of my thoughts and quotes.  Once the pattern is made this will become a new Bits and Bobs project.

I will be leaving tomorrow to teach at Roosevelt, Utah.  I've not been to this retreat before, so I am anticipating all of the lovely new friends I will make.  I hope to be back blogging on Monday.

"Love is free.  The only currency exchanged is the transaction of love is love.  Everything else is a counterfeit."  - Ben Behunin

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