Monday, March 20, 2017

Home Again -

My friend Leslie Ison accompanied me to the retreat in Roosevelt, Utah.  On the way we visited My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in Midway, Utah.  We were glad we did because it is a wonderfully stocked quilt store.  When we walked in, the first sample I saw was their take on my design Living In the Sunlight.  The bunnies and flowers are done in wool.

The second thing I saw was the pillow which they had made from my Love One Another design, and I loved their choice of is stunning!

If you are on the look out for wool, they have many beautiful pieces of wool to select from.  There were many I wanted to take with me.

All shades and colors.

Beautiful, beautiful wool.

There were many samples to inspire.

Here is my design Field of Flowers made up in a different, but very lovely color way.

Because they have so much beautiful wool, they have many samples made with wool or parts of the design are from wool.

I am sharing Kerry Green's gorgeous quilt again to let you know that this quilt shop in Midway is taking orders for kits for this quilt.  When we were there the calls were coming in from far and near, so if you are interested, you best give them a call.  435-654-2844.

Leslie and I listened to Eleanor Roosevelt's auto biography in the car on the way to Roosevelt.  I was reminded of this remarkable  first lady's unselfish and dedicated service to our country.  She often served as her husbands legs taking messages of hope and cheer to the troops serving in the second World War.  She passionately served the poor and down trodden.  I've chosen to share one of her quotes today.
"Duty was perhaps the motivating force in my life, often excluding what might have been joy or pleasure." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

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  1. Many beautiful quilts! I wish I lived closer so I could visit. Thanks for sharing.