Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Recent local quilt show.....

This is the free patriotic pattern for today.....and the early bird gets the worm this time.  The first to email me their address at  will receive this free pattern.

Now for the quilt show....

I was delighted to see my quilt design for Cottage Garden hanging in the booth of My Girlfriends Quilt Shop, in Midway, Utah.  They were busy selling kits for it, which made me doubly delighted.

This certainly sais, summer in real certainty!

The arrangement of the fabric is quite striking.....and the machine quilting is amazing.

Notice the remarkable quilting on this beauty!

An original design....Wow!

How about the incredible quilting on this one?!!!

I've decided I like Log Cabins in every color way.

"Each day is a new day with its own challenges and heartaches, but every day also brings with it the opportunity for learning and greatness." -Ben Behunin


  1. Gorgeous quilts! That includes your giveaway ... wonder who will be the lucky winner!!??!! Here's to a great day!

  2. Cardinal Points had me mesmerized!

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts. The Poco Loco is amazing.