Thursday, June 1, 2017

We had our first warm day....

...the temperature reached in the nineties.  Summer has begun!

The Garden Angel is todays give away......the pattern will be mailed to the 10th responder, that is if you send me your address.  The past two winners forgot to send their address.  After I emailed to remind them the address was obtained.

Seeing this amazing quilt at the show, reminded me how much I wish I had time to finish the one I've started.

What an accomplishment.

When I see this type of quilt....I think, "An artist was at work"!

Uniquely beautiful.....exquisite!

What an appropriate name.....and beautifully quilted.

Another artist!

An interesting undertaking!

"Mutual respect, when coupled with faith, endowed with grace, and unselfishly nurtured, has the unique ability to make love blossom and grow exponentially more powerful."
- Ben Behunin 


  1. Beautiful quilts! But oh how I love your Gardening Angel! So sweet! My strawberries have been going gangbusters in my garden this year! They must have their own angel :)
    Blessings, Patti Gagliardi
    1129 S Vine
    Park Ridge IL 60068

  2. I probably won't be the tenth! But thanks for those giveaways and for all the pictures!