Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring in the Rockies......

....is always uncertain.  We still have bunches of snow up there, but my first rose is blooming.  Kind of hard to figure.  Life down below in the Salt Lake Valley has been quite warm and spring like.  I still do not like to plant flowers before mothers day.

Chad and Abbie dropped by to watch the basketball game with us tonight and I smell all kinds of goodness wafting from the kitchen.  She is making home made Calzones.  Yum! :-)

I guess I didn't manage to get very good pictures of Bonnie's area, as there was some unpacking going on for another area.  I then got busy and forgot to go back and take better ones.  You all know what beautiful designs she has.  Quilt Mania just completed their second book of her work.  Some weary person sat down for a rest.

Her designs are so wonderfully whimsical.

My dear friend whom I was able to connect with at the exposition, sent this photo of items she's made for her sewing room.  The circular block on the red check fabric is taken from one of the designs from Garden Whimsy. Her intention is to put it in a frame.  She was in one of my classes.  We have been friends across the miles, but finally we met face to face.  Bruce and I enjoyed her immensely!

My plan is that I should get all of the blocks for this little quilt put together tomorrow.  I have had such fun working on it.  Some have asked if I will be kitting it, and I plan to.  I have my beautiful fabric coming from Diamond Textiles.

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself." - Galileo Galilei

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