Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Time for a drawing.....

It is the second Wednesday and time for the monthly drawing.  Please contact me with you choice of a free pattern, and in your excitement, please do not forget to include your address.  Betsy Swisher, Lois Swaving, and Judy Urban are the names which were drawn for this month.

I did not become acquainted with Brigitte, but thought you'd enjoy seeing the modern side of quilting.

When I look back over these photos, I'm remembering all of the kindness shown to me by so many lovely ladies.  I can not begin to remember the majority of names, some of them are regular readers of this blog, and all of them generous in their acceptance of me and their appreciation for my work.  I would go home every evening with a joy filled heart!

This is my interpreter, Veronique Diligent.  She was born in Switzerland, when married she lived in France for a while but now lives in Australia.....and she love it there.  She is holding one of her creations and designs under the name, Wattlebird Designs.  What a kind lady and very experienced with sewing technique and applique.  She loves needle turn applique as much as I do, but also works with wool.

It was a busy show, and the days went by way too fast.

Take a look at this adorable bag this lady created.

I felt such a kinship to all of these ladies.

I do not remember this very sweet ladies name, but she is the person responsible for the technical expression for my book. 

These adorable women were all bedecked in layers of femininity.

This talented lady made her jacket to match the outfit she created.

And once again sweet and generous Nadine who took me around shopping a bit on Sunday when the show wasn't very busy.

I do believe I'd fit in and enjoy the company of all of these kind and happy quilters!  I'm now living on the wonderful memories I have tucked away!

"Tradition is a two edged resource.  It can give us a foundation to build upon, but if left unexamined and unquestioned, those same traditions can bind us down and halt our progression. 
-Ben Behunin


  1. Hi Norma ! Thé moments I spent with you and Bruce in Nantes are unforgettable for me. Thanks for the picture I can see in this post. I continue to read your blog with a lot of pleasure even if I dont make à comment each time. Hugs from France

  2. Great thought by Ben. I get to see his amazing shop this Saturday during his Mother's Day Open House - YAY!