Friday, May 19, 2017

Welsh Quilts.

I was really drawn to these Welsh quilts.  They are dramatic in their simplicity.  Their are a couple of exceptions with the simplicity that is usually found in Welsh quilts.

Log Cabin....This Victorian sofa throw, a variation of a log cabin quilt, Court House Steps, was made in Horeb, Cardiganshire in 1888 by a Miss Lloyd whose family bred champion Welsh cobs.  The fabrics are mainly from furnishings and are neatly tied with small red tufts at almost every corner.

Woolen Hexagons.

See Dazzling Patchwork above.

A central square of bowties is surrounded by small blocks, sharks teeth, and then many borders of bowties.  Wonderful array of fabrics including tartans which was very popular during Queen Victoria's time.

Red and black center, plus the addition of gray.  These are traditional Welsh quilts and are made of flannel.

"Content makes poor men rich.  Discontent makes rich men poor."
- Benjamin Franklin

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