Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Land That I Love.....

We here in the United States have just completed our celebration of the Declaration of Independence, and it caused me to reflect about how privileged I've been living in this country. I love my country, even though there is always room for improvement.  I do not in anyway want my friends from Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and parts of Asia, to think that I feel superior in any way because I live where I do.  I've traveled enough to have experienced the many benefits that come with living elsewhere.  I've experienced the warm welcome from people where ever I have traveled to understand that we are all more alike than different.  Where we live are home and family, and that is why Home Is Best!

I've enjoyed stitching this will be a Bits and Bobs project coming soon.

During our last day at The Country Samper, Rozanne and I snooped through some of the quilts collected on the shelves in the class room.  This was one of the simple designs which we loved.

Many of the quilts were simple designs, but wonderful in their simplicity.

Simple.....but would be a bit of color over the holidays at Christmas.

I will always love the simple nine patch....perhaps because I am a simple country girl at heart.

Here there are little pieced blocks that help in making the large nine patch wonderful.

A little sixteen patch.....oh how I love the blending of fabrics!

I love this one too, except for the light quilting on the dark border.

Warm inviting utility quilts.

Isn't this a beautiful quilt?!  Suzanne Unbehaum who works at The Country Sampler and designs under the name of Shop Girl Quilts, just completed this.  The fabric in the alternate block was exquisite.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -Thomas Edison

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  1. Love that last quilt. I can see it made up with so many different pieces for that alternate block. It makes me want to go through my yardage to see what I can come up with. Your pictures of Country Sampler have been a pleasure to view. I hope to get there someday.