Friday, July 7, 2017

J.J. Stitches.....

We love our retreat at the Country Sampler, but our visit to Wisconsin would not be complete without a visit to J.J. Stitches in Sun Prairie.

Sun Prairie, is a small town right outside of Madison.  This pot of flowers and the planters were situated right outside the shop and the neighboring design shop.

This block is hanging right outside the door to the store.....a lovely introduction.

Stunning pieced quilts are hanging throughout the shop.  There are 2 owners of the store, both starting with J.  Jeanie Hendrickson, who is one of the owners designs beautiful fabric for Wyndom Fabrics.

The store is warm and cozy and inviting.

Bunches of gorgeous fabric lined the shelves.

I found this quilt to be striking.

Quilts do not need to be complicated to be lovely!

Once Upon A Time ...There Was Enough Time.  I wonder when that was?

The table by the front door.

I was thrilled to see this design of mine, hanging by all of the beautiful wool.

You can see all of our loot piled on the table....we did well!  Starting from the left, is Julie, myself, Roxanne, Julie, and Catherine.  Catherine, is our amazing chauffer.  She picks us up at the airport with a smile and with our lunch, and the excitement began!

 "Anyone who works on a quilt, who devotes her time, energy, creativity, and passion to that art, learns to value the work of her hands.  And as any quilter will tell you, a quilters quilting friends are some of the dearest, most generous, and most supportive people she know."  - Jennifer Chaverini

Happy week end!


  1. Lovely quilts! Thanks for the scenic tour! ;)

  2. Love that quilt shop! I need to make a trip to Wisconsin.

  3. I love JJ Stitches too. While other stores have gone modern, we can count on them to carry those beautiful reproductions from Civil War to 1930's. My only problem is trying to decide which ones I can actually bring home. Lunch at Market Street Diner in town is a delight also.

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