Tuesday, July 11, 2017


.....antique shopping today. 

This is a sweet vintage pillow, but I decided that there is a whole lot of nonsense in these shops too.  I guess someone's junk is often someone else's treasure.

This T for Temperance quilt was a heavy utility quilt that most like provided good warmth for Wisconsin winters.

This quilt actually looked quite modern to me.  I did love the old stoneware crock.

By this time I was becoming unimpressed!  I mean no disrespect to someone's labor of love.

A beautiful shading of color.

Using up scraps of fabric, and making do!

These of course caught my eye.

This photo was taken at a gift shop that we couldn't pass by with out stopping.  That's what is fun about traveling with women....we brake for all sorts of things.  Men just lack in curiosity.....they just don't get it!

This is still one of our stops.....it was some sort of junk, thrift type store, and the best thing in it was this sweet, friendly cat!  He and Julie became fast friends.

He rolled over and asked for a belly rub!

One more prize winning hat......this one was quite stunning!

"Reading is a pleasure to be carefully guarded at all times."
-Jenny Colgan


  1. My daughter has a thing for hats too! Dahlink, you look mah-velous! Lol!

  2. Can't thank you enough for sharing your adventures, I so miss digging through great shops, Loved all your finds and sharing with us.

  3. Uninspired??? Beautiful old quilts made without all the tools and gadgets and HUGE selection of fabrics we have now to make it easy. I would have loved any one of those quilts.

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