Monday, July 10, 2017

A New Week.....

......and always new possibilities!  I have a big to do list for this week, because Bruce and I will be heading out on a road trip to visit family.  All of my siblings, there are five of us, have plans on being together in Minnesota.  I love road trips for many reasons, but most of all I have Bruce's company over the miles. :-)

Roxanne, Julie and I had a day in Madison, before our plane was to leave for home.  So we went antiquing.

Of course my eye is always drawn to the quilts, and what's not to love about this two colored house quilt.

I loved this rug, thinking it would make a nifty quilt design.

Awww.....I love log cabin quilts.

A beautiful applique quilt and bunches of accessories to consider.

A Seven Sisters.....has long been on a list of quilts to make.  I'm not a purple kind of girl, but if that had been red in stead......Oh My!

An Irish Chain......I love the poka dot alternate fabric.

Usually hexagon quilts are seen in thirties reproduction fabrics or the original feed sack fabrics.  I really liked the use of civil war fabrics used in this one.

And then, an all time favorite, the simple nine patch.

I've know this to be called, Hands All Around......I like this pattern.

You can imagine Julie's surprise when she came around a corner and there I was in this fashion statement.  I do enjoy wearing hats, but this is a bit much......but so fun to try on.  I imagine one of these days I'll pick up head lice or some other creepy creature by trying on old hats, but I just can't seem to resist!

"Just as a man can not live without dreams, he cannot live without hope."  -Elie Wiesel

Enjoy the first day of your new work week!