Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wild life.......

Bruce, spreads bird seed, on an area of ground that I can observe from a window.  Today I was royally entertained.....I had sort of a front row seat!  There were quail, squirrels, and doves.  The doves are sweet and peaceful, but the quail and squirrels are feisty and a bit aggressive.  The squirrel and quail took turn chasing one another.....letting their greed take over. I just requested that Bruce spread more seed so that I can have a front row adventure show out my window again.  I'm easily entertained!!! :-)

These are two additional quilts I am working on.  They have been hanging around in the recesses of my mind for some time and were demanding to be made.  They will both be pieced quilts, and the star one will have an applique border, and will be a replica of an antique quilt.  I'm trying to every day make one of the star blocks and then to work on the other one more aggressively.  I would love to have a border ready to applique when I leave on this next trip.

 The last time I attended quilt group at Barbara Peterson's home, I took the next 3 photo's of her quilts.

I admire everything Barbara makes.  This quilt is fresh, sweet and charming!  It especially makes me happy because I found some of the feed sacks in the quilt which I shared with her.

This is another sensational quilt which Barbara just completed.  It is just marvelous!  And of course hand quilted.

This beautiful quilt was completed by Gaylyn.  I just love how she has offset the blocks.  Have I mentioned before, how much I love quilts?!

I saw this bag with this printed on it and I needed to take a picture!
I just completed a very enjoyable novel that I would recommend.  It is entitled, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  Jamie Ford is the author.  The story takes place in Seattle at the time of the second world war.  It is beautifully written.  "Hope is all I got.  Hope gets you through the night."  A line from the novel.

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  1. Great post as always and how fitting to post the picture of the book bag's National Book lovers Day ... definitely a day I can identify with 😊