Thursday, August 10, 2017

Running out of photos share with you.  I guess it is about time for me to come up with more adventure.  The trip to Quilter's Station in Missouri, is just about here.  I will make this my last post until I return home again.

I have a few more pictures from when our quilt group met at Trudy's house.  Leslie is sharing her Grandmother's Flower Garden with us.  We all agreed that we liked the variety of greens she used to surround the flowers.  This quilt is well traveled.  It was a project she stitched on while she and her husband traveled around Europe, and she worked on the blocks on trips I've been with her.  Now, she is preparing to hand quilt it.

This is a simple picnic quilt she had just finished.

And she had just finished hand quilting, Living In the Sunlight.  Leslie took the applique on this one to Europe with her on the trip before this last one.  Anyone who knows Leslie well, know that she can not sit idle.

This is Trudy, and her adorable little dog resting her nose on the table for a bit of a sweet!

Barbara shared this pyramid quilt.

The Stars are of my patterns which Leslie has ready for quilting.  The border on this one traveled throughout Europe also!  I remember that Leslie was more concerned about having enough stitching to take with her.  That was a priority over clothing.

This was a baby quilt she had ready for quilting.  The rest of us were kind of slackers that night.

"With what you make for your friends and family, you are curating a part of yourself." -unknown

I will keep you in mind dear readers.....I hope I will have a great amount to share with you upon my return.  Enjoy the moments of summer, for it is fleeting fast!


  1. Beautiful, every one! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Safe travels! I'm looking forward to pictures upon your return.

  3. Have a wonderful time at the retreat!