Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hamilton Missouri....

.....a few more photos from Missouri Star.

There were many amazing murals painted on the wonderful old buildings found in this town.  I do not believe there is even one stop light in this little burgh.

On the Friday we were there, It was Hamilton's homecoming.  This little town put on quite the parade.  This car carried the Homecoming king and queen.  Sweet ride!

There were 2 cute little gift shops, and this one had these beautiful mums for sale....also pumpkins and gourds.

Hamilton, was the birthplace of J.C. Penny.

This is a little project I've prepared for an opening evening class when I teach at a retreat sponsored by Prairie Point Junction in Cozad, Missouri. 

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."

I will end here as Grandpa is here to do patterns and for I had better tend to my dinner. More tomorrow.  I will be home for a while now, and that is GOOD!

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