Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Oh! September.....

....How do I love thee....You are the gateway to Autumn and sweater weather.  My daughter Katrina loves September as I do.  She chose for September the month to be her wedding month.  She could harvest her honey and supply all of her wedding guests with a little jar of honey, proclaiming how sweet love was.

You are probably wondering about my disappearance.  I've been home waiting to share with all of you faithful blog readers, but my computer went in to some sort of rebellion, and refused to work.  After being in the shop for over a week, it is now back cooperating a bit.  We continue to figure out a few snags, and seem to be gaining ground, little by little.

My last travels and adventures were centered around teaching in Kansas City at the retreat by Quilter's Station called, Primitives of the Midwest.  My traveling companions were two of my quilter friends from California.  They flew into Salt Lake City, and the next day we set out on our road trip.  We had a joyful memorable trip stopping at quilt shops,  spying every Dairy Queen and interesting shop along the way.  Antiquing was near the top of our list, behind quilt shops and Dairy Queen! :-)

Before starting out, Karen Whitmeyer's daughter, sent her mom the email listed below......
It doesn't matter how old you are, buying snacks for a road trip should always look like an unsupervised 9-year-old was given a $100.   As you can see the possibilities for the road trip were limitless, except for the time we had until we were do to arrive at the retreat.   And during this travel time, there was the eclipse to contend with.  Suddenly a Marriot hotel we stayed in on the way was over 3 times the money on the way home.  It is not that we didn't want to see the eclipse, but we decided to change our route home and traveled on I-70 going through Colorado, which turned out to be a blessing, because it took us to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Denver.

The main objective of this trip was for me to teach at The Primitives of the Midwest at Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit just out of Kansas City, Kansas.  These are the 2 classes I taught.  Both Julie and Karen were in my class, Gathering Bittersweet.  Karen just about completed hers, as she wants to teach it at her shop in Saint Marcos, California, called Grand Country Quilter's.  Teaching at this retreat was a marvelous experience.  I have kits available for both of these items.

This perfectly lovely package of thread was a gift sent to me from Kathy Brown of 'The Teacher's Pet.' www theteachers-pet.com

This is a beautiful set of wool threads for me to use in my projects....and I am so thrilled and anxious to try them out.  What a kind and generous gift from Kathy!  I am so in love with the rich mellow colors.  wwwtheteachers-pet.com

My Quote for today comes from, Neil De Grasse Tyson.  "For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more about the world than I knew yesterday and lesson the suffering of others.  You'd be surprised how far that gets you."

Tomorrow I will begin sharing all of the experiences from this trip. I feel so happy to back and connecting with all of you. :-)


  1. I have to tell you I was beginning to wonder. So glad you're back and looking forward to the pictures you'll be sharing. The colors of those threads look right up your alley!
    Welcome back!

  2. Nice to hear from you! So glad your trip was fun and productive!

  3. Glad you're back Norma. I enjoy your posts so much!