Monday, September 18, 2017

So happy to be home again.....

......after enjoying an amazing journey with 44 other women whom I admire, I feel inspired and ready to get back to work.  The tour I was on was presented by Down Under Diversions.  Our two fabulous tour guides are from that part of the world, Australia and New Zealand.....thus the name.  My traveling buddy, Diane Ward and myself flew into Dallas where we were met by all of those participating in this trip.  Our bus driver was an accommodating, and pleasant gentleman who was quick to take care of us.  Our first stop was Magnolia Farms.

The Silos were the first thing to catch our eye when we arrived.

The next thing that caught my attention was the garden by the front entrance to the market......just beautiful!

I have always appreciated these words about gratitude.

On this list, what I enjoyed most was the bakery!

While browsing through the market, I appreciated all of the sound advice.

I believe I'd enjoy this unique and shiny set of wheels.  The hauling capacity would serve me well. :-)

Here are Diane and I so very pleased with our morning purchase!

Later the second day after visiting a quilt shop called Cabbage Rose, where they treated us to a delicious lunch, as well as beautiful fabric, we set off for The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile.  
All of the pictures from that stop I posted on Instagram and forgot to take them on my I pad.  However, it was all wonderful, especially the breakfast!!!  My pancakes were served with 3 flavors of butter and 4 amazing flavors of syrup.  They were, Maple, vanilla cinnamon, salted caramel, and orange clove.  Oh Yes, I sampled them all, and I'm here to give evidence that they were all amazing!
I sat at the back of the bus, the best place to observe all of the joy and laughter spreading through the bus.  I relaxed and enjoyed the fact that nothing was being expected of me, and I just felt gratitude that I was traveling across country with lovely women!  And by the way Oklahoma is a beautiful state.  It had many more trees than I had ever imagined.

No special quotes for today, simply enjoy the advise in the photos I've posted.

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