Monday, October 23, 2017

"Ho! for the leaves that eddy down,.......

....Crumpled yellow and withered brown, hither and yonder and up the street, and trampled under the passing feet; swirling, billowing, drifting by, with a whisper soft and rustling sigh, starting aloft to windy ways, telling the coming of bonfire days."
-Grace Strickler Dawson

Here is to looking up into the Oak street that has finally turned to a rich is near our deck.

I have this funnel feeder hanging from a branch.  The bottom of the funnel has been filled in, so it makes a great peanut holder for the squirrels and Jays.  I am pleased that I can reach it from my deck, making it easy to fill. This was a gift from a friend who knows how much I love my squirrels.

The incredibly beautiful leaves against the blue of the sky causes my heart to sing!  It is all about that love affair that I have with fall.
The poem I included today, was just right for this week end, where there was blowing and swirling about of the leaves.  And do remember growing up in the country where we would have a bonfire in the fall, and roast hotdog.  My daughter Katrina who taught school in Japan for three years, told how the students put sweet potatoes in the fire to roast.

These quilts, are those posted in the museum, which are a salute to those who serve our country, in the military.

This quilt is commemorating three tours of duty.

Stars of Honor

For some reason I did not get the information on these last two quilts of valor.

"The word 'I am' are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to.  The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you."  -A.L. Kitselman

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  1. You & I are apparently only a small few people that love the squirrels. I feed the birds but do not mind the squirrels that help themselves also.

    Love those patriotic quilts. Nothing so beautiful as the red, white, & blue!