Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our out of town.....

....family have left.  They are on their way to the airport and I am already missing them.  Ireland, was brilliant in the play.....we are proud of her and respect all of her persistent hard work.

Today we visited Abbie at her home.  These pumpkins welcomed us inside the front door.

Abbie and Chad have three Chihuahua's......my grand dogs.

Moose on the left, and Tucker on the right, were in the back yard enjoying the gorgeous fall weather.  Moose was named for his gigantic ears.  Moose and Tucker were rescue dogs.

Harry, the black cat and Moses are enjoying the company.  Auntie Sarah had been loving on them, and Jalapeno the white Chihuahua is off to the side, somewhat jealous of the attention the cats are receiving.  Moses, is a stray cat that used to sleep with Abbie and Chads chickens until she became friendly and found himself moving into the house.

Here Moose lifted his little snoot and howled for some unknown
reason.....it is so adorable.

We are back at the museum.  We took this picture peeking through a window into the office area.

Seeing this is believing.....tiny little patches sewn together to recover this wing back chair.

"Become aware that there are no accidents in our intelligent universe.  Realize that everything that shows up in your life has something to teach you.  Appreciate everyone and everything in your life."  -Wayne Dyer


  1. We have a mixed breed Chihuahua that looks identical to Moose except his ears aren't as big. His name is Bear and he howls all the time. He is the same color brown and has the same white markings as Moose on his neck. He is my buddy and when he can't find me he howls. Like most chihuahuas he is very loyal within our family but likes to bark at strangers.

  2. What cute little quilts on the tiny furniture! And what an amazing chair - those pieces look so tiny!

  3. Love that Howling Moose picture. You might consider entering it into a photo contest. ♥