Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I Never Cease to be......

.....amazed at how much I enjoy my self when I teach at retreats.  T always feel so cozy, and like I am just where I want to be.  The Barn Raising event presented by Blackberry Primitives was everything I hoped it would be.  There was on participant from England.  The other states represented were, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota and Tennessee, and then of course the lovely Nebraska ladies.  We bonded!!  The teachers were Maggie Bonanomi from Missouri, who taught her beautiful wool applique.  Stacy Nash, came from Indiana and taught her uniquely beautiful counted cross stitch. And then their was me.  I was pleased to be numbered with these other two amazing women.  All of the classes were well attended, and we had bunches of fun!  And the shopping was over the top good!  Once I have time to unpack my goodies, I will take pictures to share with you.

Quilts were hanging from the rail of the loft of the barn where all of the vending took place.  Down on the main floor of the loft is where we happily stitched away.

Back along this wall, were ironing stations and was where all of the snacks and goodies good be found.

This is Stacy Nash stitching with ladies in the loft.

There were a sorts of lovelies to be purchased.

Black Berry Primitives luscious hand dyed wool.

This is an antique quilt which Black Berry Primitives had for sale.

I fell in love with this sweet little neglected cat. I realize she is kind of pathetic, but that is part of her charm.

Julie and I each purchased a jug.

Black Berry Primitives kit and sell all of Maggie's designs.  This is one of many.

This is the pattern which struck my fancy......now, I will see when I can fit it into my stitching time.

I came across this quote by Maya Angelou.  "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."  One would connect this thought with perhaps journaling.  However, I believe it applies also to quilting.  In my quilt Sweet and Simple I have told my life's story in part.  By labeling your quilts, you can also tell what you were thinking, experiencing at the time you made a quilt.  In this way you are telling a story for future generations.......This is your legacy.

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