Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Be careful for what you wish for......

If you remember my wish for snow in a previous post, it came in beautiful abundance!  Fourteen inches was measured in our back yard.  The really exciting thing about this snowfall, it occurred shortly after my California guest arrived.  They traveled on clear roads,  and shortly after the snow began to fall.  "Silent and soft and slow descends the snow." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Reminding you that I grew up in Minnesota, and took my driver's training in the snow, we did not tarry too long in the morning, before Julie, Karen and I headed out for blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and then we headed north for about an hour to visit the Shepherd's Bush in Ogden, Utah.  Julie is proficient at counted cross stitch and this store is the mecca for those who do this type of stitching.  Every time I visit there I want to find more time in my schedule to do counted cross stitch.  I guess I will continue to enjoy others talents in this area.

Early Monday morning we car pooled to Cedar City, Utah for the retreat that was to begin Tuesday morning.  Our fist stop was to  visit a marvelous quilt shop in Springville.  The shop is called Corn Wagon.  It is full of inspiration!  We admired the wool and enjoyed touching all of the gorgeous fabric, and were enticed to choose a few of our favorites, and we each left clutching a bag with our choices.  This is a picture taken of my vendor's booth at the retreat.

And another picture.  Now, a few words about this retreat.  It was our first time attending, and what a great time we had.  The organizers of the event made every effort to please the participants......and as a result there were many happy faces!  the over all feeling was warm and welcoming and we had a marvelous time.  It was especially a treat for me to have a carload of California ladies come.....and they are all very special friends.  We had such a lovely time we plan on meeting again next year.

The quilt hanging at the back of the booth is a design of Jan Patek's which I made a few years ago.  there is a Face book group for making this quilt.  Attic Heirlooms in Maine, will be making kits for making the quilt in this color way.  It can either be in all cotton or in cotton with the applique done in wool.  If interested, go to Face book and type in feathered star quilt by Jan Patek.

The Bernina booth across from me had this stunning embroidered quilt hanging.  It is all done on their embroidery machine.

I can just picture a sweet little girl snuggled beneath this quilt.  So sweet and feminine.

I took a few pictures of the quilts hanging about.

Appropriate quilts for the 22 degree mornings which we woke to.
We bundled up and started with a hot drink to warm our hands and our insides......and then we were greeted at the retreat by warm smiles!  All was well!

Here is a little quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.  "There is so much to do, so many engrossing challenges, so many heartbreaking and pressing needs, so much in every day that is profoundly interesting."
Life definitely is not boring!

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  1. You had me at the blueberry pancakes !! Then I read you visited Shepard's Bush. I have never visited and would love too but stumbled upon their website through cross stitching which Is also another good vice. When reading one of their blogs many or all of their cross stitch framings for their shop is done at Rensel Studio which is also located in Ogden. I was so in awe of their work I now only mail my pieces to them from Michigan ! for completion...and I used to be a picture framer and did many myself but their work is extraordinary ! Your vendor's booth is lovely. I always admire your fabric color choices and patterns and enjoy your blog. Thank you for your inspirations !