Friday, January 19, 2018

A full and productive day!

Today, in the process of getting ready for guests arriving tomorrow, and in preparing for the upcoming retreat, I have moved mountains!!!  There are those days when there is just no time for day dreaming, and it's all about performance.

Bruce's wing span is not long enough to stretch out this quilt top while holding it.  However, it is ready to go to the quilters to be completed.  On one of the corners I've appliqued the date and on the other bottom corner, I've appliqued my initials.  I have chosen the name offered by Marty Toale, Square Dance Among Flowers.
Marty, please send me your address, so that when the pattern is completed, I will be able to send you a free pattern.  Thank you everyone for the ideas you offered.

This pattern is called Love Birds, and will be the pattern
given away tomorrow to the early bird.  Email me at -   Please do not forget your address.

"We quilt for so many reasons.  To escape the stresses of life, to create something beautiful to cherish, or to make a gift for future generations.  Yet for me the greatest joy comes from those quiet moments every quilter knows.  This is the time that is my own, when I can relax, reflect, and gently sew my memories into cloth." - Jinny Beyer

I will hopefully have great things to share with you after I return.  I leave on Monday morning.  Enjoy the week end.


  1. What is the quilt hanging behind the big one Bruce is holding up in the first photo--trees and looks like Santa? Thanks

  2. Your quilts are such an inspiration. I love your color and design choices. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your company.

  3. I was ecstatic to find that I won the pattern for naming your new quilt! I love your patterns and designs! Always so beautiful and inspiring! Hope to be able to take a class from you some day! Thanks so much!

    Marty Toale
    1571 240th St, Independence, IA 50644

  4. I love the Love Birds pattern! I really appreciate all the things you share with us in your blog.